About Us


Skinnytie’s mission is to enrich society with sartorial accessories, one free shipping at a time. Skinnytie therefore provides skinny ties, knitted ties, bowties, and tie bars at affordable prices to make sure you can stock your wardrobe full of accessories for all occasions.   



Skinnytie was started by a husband and wife team, to answer a question that many Aussies face – how to stock one's wardrobe with accessories to match any occasion without dropping a fortune.  After years of submitting to expensive ties, we couldn't find anywhere in Australia that provided affordable ties we'd actually want to buy.  The ones that were cheap were ugly, and the ones that looked good were expensive.  

Cue the music and enter the Skinnytie team – Skinnytie saw the gap between what Aussies wanted in accessories and what they could actually find. After some sleepless nights, long Skype conversations and innovative thinking, skinnytie was born. Now we offer what you deserve – good looking ties at affordable prices!