How to Care for your Tie

Caring for your ties - giving some TLC

Your  tie should be well looked after. Just like any suave shirt, it needs to look crisp. You would rather be donning a crisp, clean shirt than a crumpled expensive shirt. Here are some simple steps to keep your delicate piece in pristine condition.

1. When you get home reverse the order

At the end of the day it is tempting to strip your tie off via the thin end. As quick as it may be this does leave some nasty crinkles. To avoid this follow our tie-tying steps but in reverse order.

2. Stow away your precious

As soon as the tie is off it needs to be hung and stored away. Hanging the tie straight will let the creases from the knot fall out and keeps it from getting a sun tan.


2.1. Mini tip for travellers

There is nothing as annoying as unpacking your luggage to find your tie with ripples of tsunami like creases. To prevent this fold your tie into fours and place it inside your coat pocket or even better, your shoe. Should you feel your tie deserves a better home than your shoe you can buy some dedicated housing for your tie.

3. Arrgh I spilt s*** on my tie!

Don’t hesitate! Like any emergency situation, time is of the essence and every single second counts. Make your way to the bathroom (gentlemen should never panic in front of guests) and lightly dab your tie with cold water. One extra tip, avoid the toilet paper as it leaves fluffs and traces of toilet paper.

Amos Goh
Amos Goh


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