I need a tie to work with my blue shirt. Where do I begin?

So you have a great blue shirt for work.  What kind of tie matches?


Textured tact

For a fundamental manly look that doesn't draw attention in the work space we'd start with this textured navy blue tie.  The textured material makes it more interesting and the woolen fabric adds a little weight that makes this tie one of our favourites.  It's a classic look on light blue shirt and says "I'm classy" without needing to peacock your way around the workplace.


Striped finesse

Blue striped tie

For something little more a striped tie lets you mean business from the get go.  This is a classic business tie that can't be mistaken for anything other than business acumen.  It's a standard accessory for the business man and if you're ever in doubt a stripe like this one will suit nearly any occasion.


Checkered glory

This is a staff favourite for a reason.  It's got the great match of blue, red and white which is just so versatile.  We've seen this rock a man on a night out and grace a modern gentleman at the opera.  It helps one stand out in only the classiest way possible.  Oh, and our research says the ladies love it.



As always, keen to help.  So let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Moses Lo
Moses Lo


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