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A female friend recently asked me " I want to get my brother a tie as a present but know nothing about ties.  What should I get?"

The right answer is it depends on what he wears.


Start with a skinny tie.  They're the accessory of a modern gentleman.  They can be used for work and play.  Ties too thick look aged and are primarily appropriate only for work.  Ties too thin are only appropriate for play.  So when considering a versatile gift go somewhere skinny but not line thin.  I'd say somewhere between 2-2.5 inches.  Most of the ties in our collection match this spec.

The general rule of thumb is that the tie width should match and NOT go over the width of the suit lapel (the collar on a suit jacket).


Ties commonly come in silk, cotton, wool, polyester and microfibre mixes.  Silk is the land of traditional ties.  Modern ties come across the range of fabrics: polyester and microfibre are smoother and maintain a shinier sheen; cotton and wool ties have a more natrual look to them, remain textured and often have a nice weight to them.  As a present, nearly all fabrics will do. 

One thing to consider is the knitted tie.  These  are commonly square at the bottom (normal ties come to a point).  They're edgier though have been in style for a little while.  If your gift-ee is a bit adventurous, then get the square knit tie.  You can be nearly certain your present will be a one-in-a-kind standout.  Here's one of ours - a purple based knitted tie that would make a great gift.  


This is the most important part of the tie choice.  When thinking for a gift, I'd stick towards simple medium width striped ties, basic checkered ties or a textured tie - think cotton or wool.  These will keep you within the bounds of safe gift-dom though will stand out as slightly different from the typical purchase.  Some of our examples below:


I'd avoid extremely loud styles, e.g. bright, fluorescent colours.  Leave these for the dress-up parties and special occasions where these are in order.  

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Moses Lo
Moses Lo


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