What your tie says about you

Ties are the prefect fashion staple to express your personality. They can add some punch, create sophistication or bring an entire look together. Ties can easily be changed to fit your mood, which means you should have plenty in your arsenal. To help you choose between all these options, we’ve put together a quick guide on what your tie says about you.

Staple red, blue or green: A standard and solid color tie conveys quiet confidence. It shows that you know what you’re doing but you don’t have to brag about that to the whole world. You like things straightforward and clear- no time for bs. The Confident Man.

Black: The black skinny tie is the modern classic. It effectively translates from day to night and will never let you down. A black skinny ties says that you’re actually ready for any situation- you’re versatile. The Versatile Man.

White Silk: White silk ties are for the Charmers among us- confident, classy but with some edge. White ties can also come off on the formal side so they’re great for weddings. The Charming Man.

Checkered Wool: Fashion forward but classy, checkered ties are the perfect bridge between dressing up and dressing down. The sign of a clever man, these ties can be worn with nearly anything and in any situation. It also says you may be artsy or have an eye for fashion. The Clever Man.

Striped: Striped ties show that you like to infuse the extra into the ordinary. You don’t settle for the basics but rather kick it up a notch.  This translates into how you view your work and even relationships. The Extraordinary Man.

Knit: Knit ties are the most fashion forward option. These ties convey that you fully embrace trends even though they’re fleeting- just like you embrace life. Quirky, unique- you are truly an individual. The One-of-a-Kind Man.

So, who will you be today?


Moses Lo
Moses Lo


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