How to wear a tie bar

To those who strive to present themselves with a neat and uniform appearance, a tie bar is an indispensable tool. Clipped to the shirt front, the sole purpose of the tie bar to ensure the tie hangs straight, and to prevent the tie from swinging.     

1. Choose a tie bar that is just slightly shorter than the width of your tie. Ideally, a tie bar’s length should be ¾ of  the tie’s width, and it should never be wider than your tie.

2. Consider colours

Silver-and-gold tiebars are classic and standard colours most men would fall back in. But they’re also a missed opportunity to use this quaint and understated accessory for colour accents. Look below and see what we mean, and if you can match it to other metallic accents of your outfit, all the better.   

3. Placement

Try clipping the tie bar any where between the third and the fourth button of your shirt, or keep it at about the same level as the opening of your suit jacket pocket.

Amos Goh
Amos Goh


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