The Dimple

An undimpled tie is a sorry affair. The nonchalant crease just below the knot is not only pleasing to the eye, it also implies an air of casual elegance to the wearer. Best of all, it is available to anyone who already owns a tie - all it takes is a little practice.   

pictured: Sorry Affair


1. Use a tie that’s wider than 6 cm, it is difficult to create a dimple on a tie that’s any narrower.


2. Asymmetry is beautiful, do whatever you can to achieve that imperfect look in the dimple, then act as though it was a happy accident.

3. Our favourite knot of all time is the four-in-hand. Use it to accentuate the carefreeness of the dimple - and stay away from the windsor knot, it’s far too rigid to have the same effect.


Amos Goh
Amos Goh


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