October 05, 2015


Spring/Summer 2015 Knit tie guide

How to rock this chameleon accessory in gorgeous weather

Before you stash away your winter gear into the depths of your closet – give pause and retrieve that knit tie that you were about to banish, it’s still got its place in this weather.

Knit ties are like hot sauces – not everyone likes them, but they go well with nearly everything, they spice things up, they are great in both cold and hot weather, and are phenomenal on hot dogs (really pushing the hot sauce analogy here, but you get the point).

Case in point: if you wear a knit tie, you can be seen -  

in a subway like this:


executing a ballet entrechat while on a sidewalk looking like this:


Or breezily strolling at the top of a building rocking a jacket, and then taking that jacket off because it’s just too darn hot whilst still looking good:


The point is, knit ties are great and comes with only two rules (narrowly beating out the number of rules one should observe whilst caring for a Mogwai by one less, if anyone’s counting):

Wear it only with a four-in-hand knot

Knitted ties don’t taper as much in the midsection as regular ties do, that means any other tying method might make it look too big and chunky. Windsor knots make them look like samosas hanging off the neck.    

Pick a regular tie for solemn events

Unless your game plan is to seduce:

  1. A court judge to net a win for your client (kudos for taking one for the team), or
  2. Your interviewer for that extremely competitive job position,

we suggest that knit ties be relegated to fun-times occasions only.

Otherwise, you can bring them out in almost any situation, with or without a jacket.


Check out skinnytie’s knit tie collection here.

April 23, 2014


Ties and Stripes

New Knitted and Striped ties coming soon to May 2014


Striped ties are a godsend in fashionable business wardrobes. In a workplace setting where unconventionally patterned ties can look too over-the-top, a little stripe can go a long way when worn as an accent piece, we especially like these combinations:

All images sourced from GQ

January 10, 2014


summer ›

Summer loving

So summer is in full swing and we thought a few tie ideas would be apt.  Here are some of our ideas for what to shoot for.   Let us know which ones you like best as we work on expanding our collection.


Our first thought is to keep things subtle with a summery feel - the lighter colours with that sanded beach look


For a little pop we go with something a little more colourful.    


Pair this with plainer shirts and lighter suit jackets (say grey or light navy) for a spectacular pop.  Something a little like this.


For something to seriously turn some heads, get yourself into some bowties

December 02, 2013


Winter ties

We love winter clothing and if you're thinking about some ties that might work really well, check these dapper ties out.


These three lovelies for matching with the browns and and greys of winter



Or these for a classy casual and sophisticated look...


If you really want to join the gentry, a little colour blow-out to stand sharply against a plainer background could really make you pop


And for a final thought, a bow tie could really mix up the look and bring the room to its knees in jaw dropped awe at a plain, yet awesome look

December 01, 2013


Floral print ties

Floral prints are in for 2013/2014, here’s some fine examples we’ve spotted for your summer consideration

And those who are sartorially inclined and curious: Yes, DO wear print shirts with floral ties, just make sure the prints are very different from each other.

December 01, 2013


Tie width

The answer to this oft asked question is it depends. As a fail-safe rule, the widest point of your tie should be more or less equal to the widest point of your suit’s lapel. That said, we at Skinnytie believe that when in doubt, get a 3 inch tie. It’s properly proportioned, and proportionality is a universally admired trait in men’s style, regardless of how its defined. 

December 01, 2013


The Pocket Square

Forget matching your pocket square with your suit and tie - so long as it complements your outfit, looks, and feels right, anything goes. Pocket squares are so personal because there are no hard and fast rules to follow, and consequently it allows each man to carve out a multitude of his own image as he pleases just with this versatile little accessory alone.

A pocket square should remain in your jacket pocket at all times, with no further obligation beyond simply making you look good. To fold, be deliberate about making your square look somewhat ‘imperfect’, and leave the square to speak for itself.

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