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Navy and White Sailor Stripe Knit
Navy and White Sailor Stripe Knit $30.00
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Red with V-Pattern Knit
Red with V-Pattern Knit $30.00
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Weaved Navy and White Knit
Weaved Navy and White Knit $30.00
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Charcoal Embroided Knit
Charcoal Embroided Knit $30.00
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Navy Embroided Knit
Navy Embroided Knit $30.00
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Black Linen with White Stripe
Black Linen with White Stripe $35.00
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Blue Linen with White Stripe
Blue Linen with White Stripe $35.00
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Brown Linen with White Stripe
Brown Linen with White Stripe $35.00
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Blue Sandwash
Blue Sandwash $30.00
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Grey Sandwash
Grey Sandwash $30.00
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Navy Polka Dot
Navy Polka Dot $30.00
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Tartan - Red and Navy
Tartan - Red and Navy $30.00
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Pindot - Navy/White
Pindot - Navy/White $30.00
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Navy with blue polka dots
Navy with blue polka dots $30.00
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Blue Linen
Blue Linen $35.00
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Black Linen
Black Linen $35.00
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Navy Knit
Navy Knit $30.00
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Black Knit
Black Knit $30.00
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Navy with Red/White Bar Stripe Knit
Navy with Red/White Bar Stripe Knit $30.00
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Maroon Knitted Tie
Maroon Knitted Tie Sold Out - $30.00
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Navy and Crimson Stripe Knit
Navy and Crimson Stripe Knit $30.00
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Navy and White Stripe Knit
Navy and White Stripe Knit $30.00
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Lavender Barb
Lavender Barb $30.00
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Indigo Barb
Indigo Barb $30.00
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skinnytie stocks a whole range of classy, dapper ties to add to your wardrobe.

skinnytie is set to offer you the best ties and men's accessories at affordable prices.  At skinnytie, we constantly seek to improve our collection with on trend pieces we've adapted for a professional setting from inspirations we adore around the globe and international runways.  


skinnytie's collection of neckties and men's accessories make for the perfect gift.  Whether it be your friend's birthday, wedding, anniversary or a special something for that special man, choosing the right gift has never been easier.  Shop for your tie and accessory needs today by visiting our collections.


Ship with us is simple and easy.  It's free for ALL orders within Australia.  Our products ship from Sydney and we can post anywhere AusPost can post a package.  

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Spring/Summer 2015 Knit tie guide

October 05, 2015

How to rock this chameleon accessory in gorgeous weather Before you stash away your winter gear into the depths of your closet – give pause and retrieve that knit tie that you were about to banish, it’s still got its place in this weather. Knit ties are like hot sauces – not everyone likes them, but they go well with nearly everything, they spice things up, they are great in both cold and hot weather, and are phenomenal on hot dogs (really pushing the hot sauce analogy here, but you get the point). Case in point: if you wear a knit tie, you can be seen -   in a subway like this:   executing a ballet entrechat while on...

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Ties and Stripes

April 23, 2014

New Knitted and Striped ties coming soon to May 2014   Striped ties are a godsend in fashionable business wardrobes. In a workplace setting where unconventionally patterned ties can look too over-the-top, a little stripe can go a long way when worn as an accent piece, we especially like these combinations: All images sourced from GQ

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Summer loving

January 10, 2014

So summer is in full swing and we thought a few tie ideas would be apt.  Here are some of our ideas for what to shoot for.   Let us know which ones you like best as we work on expanding our collection.   Our first thought is to keep things subtle with a summery feel - the lighter colours with that sanded beach look   For a little pop we go with something a little more colourful.       Pair this with plainer shirts and lighter suit jackets (say grey or light navy) for a spectacular pop.  Something a little like this.   For something to seriously turn some heads, get yourself into some bowties

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